He stood for hours, listening endlessly to the language at the edge of the forest. Over time he came to understand the dialects spoken, how the trees would roar and the creeks would cry. And as the sun would cast its golden rays down upon the earth day in and day out, he continued to stand facing the wall of timber and vine and listen to its majesty. Tempted to go in, but never swayed to action, Dillon Henry became the Keeper of all creation’s dreams. – Dillon ’07


The Congo Peace School

The Congo Peace School provides an education to children unable to afford school fees, taking them off the streets, out of the mines, and into classrooms, so they are no longer easy targets of warlords. Education is a powerful tool for global change, and when given the opportunity for an education, these children can become productive leaders of Congo.

Current Projects

Palisades Charter High School

In June 2008, the Dillon Henry Foundation gave it’s first 10 scholarships to deserving seniors for all four years of college. DHF has awarded 83 scholarships since.

Congo Peace School

Through the unifying sport of soccer worldwide we are humanitarians extending support to children in the Congo. The school provides an education to children unable to afford school fees.

CASA of LA Partnership

The Dillon Henry Foundation supports CASA , an organization dedicated to advocating for foster children in LA. These children have brighter futures with the guidance and mentorship of a child advocate in their lives.

Rwandan Orphans Project

The Rwandan Orphans Project is a small charity that runs the Imizi Children’s Center, which is a transition center for former street children and much more.